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Alongside some of my captions, I also take photos for the posts. Although I do not have a photography position on my publication, I still enjoy taking photos outside of school and getting to take the photos for my social media posts.


Feature story photo

In a long-style type post, I got to work alongside the costume crew heads for the Pride and Prejudice show at our school. I came to meet with them after school and interview them, and I was also able to follow them around the workshop and snap some candid shots. There were a few road bumps, as I didn't have an SD card on me and had to borrow a friends, but I was happy with how the photos turned out.


Humans of Dreyfoos photo

For my Humans of Dreyfoos post, I interviewed several students in my class and took photos of each of them. I took them out into the hallway, positioned them by some natural light, and made sure the background was simple. I ultimately ended up choosing Phoenix, the person in the photo. They made for a great subject.

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